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Video tests claim that iPhone 7 sapphire lens cover is less durable than traditional watch sapphire
A new video shared over the weekend tests the claim going around that the iPhone 7 camera sapphire lens and Home button covers are less durable than common sapphire covers used in watches. JerryRigEverything compares the iPhone 7 lens cover to a traditional watch sapphire cover in a scratch test to compare hardness levels.Even before the test video was published, Apple's marketing head Phil Schiller responded to a question on Twitter about the claims that the new iPhones dropped sapphire with a ‘Not true' reply. Apple's tech specs page for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus also mentions the ‘Sapphire crystal lens cover' that was first introduced with the iPhone 5s.While the new video test separately confirms the use of sapphire on the new iPhones, it also suggests that Apple is using a sapphire laminate over glass which explains its weaker durability rating compared to a traditional watch for reference. The video shows Apple's sapphire lens cover scratching from a #6 pick, which shows it is softer than the Tissot watch face's sapphire that scratched with a #8 pick.
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