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What's next for Apple Displays now that the company is back in the game?
Many of us were deeply disappointed when Apple appeared to be exiting the display business last summer Not just because we want matching aesthetics and the reassurance you get with an all-Apple setup, but also because there was no obvious third-party replacement. All Apple said at the time was that ‘there are a number of great third-party options available for Mac users,' but without pointing to anything in particular. When the company finally did make an official recommendation in the form of the LG UltraFine 4K and 5K monitors, it wasn't exactly a great one. Not only are the monitors extremely un-Apple-like in their grey plastic cases, but a serious technical fault first identified by us led to the temporary withdrawal of the product until LG fixed the Wi-Fi interference problem. All in all, it was a mess. The good news is that this mess has likely played a role in Apple doing a U-turn and making plans to get back into the display business … There have been some who argued that Apple never officially said that it was quitting display manufacturing in the first place. While that's technically true, it would be naive to imagine that this was all part of some grand master plan on the part of the company. You don't launch a monitor in 2011, fail to update it for six years, discontinue it without a replacement, advise customers to get a third-party model instead and finally co-announce a third-party monitor for use with your shiny new MacBook Pro models if you were planning to stay in the business all along. That would make zero sense. This is undeniably an about-face on the part of the company. Apple hasn't told us anything about its display plans. In fact, in the entire transcript of the briefing Apple gave in revealing plans for a new Mac Pro, there was exactly one unprompted sentence about it. Schiller said only that it would be a ‘pro display.'
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