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Winner of $25,000 Apple TV Design Contest 'Dungeon Tiles' Launches June 29th, Also on iOS
It's no secret that the expectation of Apple TV becoming a fully fledged gaming platform that Apple outlined so enthusiastically back in October 2015 has not ended up being a reality. While the initial surge - with titles such as Guitar Hero Live - was particularly strong, it has tailed off to a point where apart from the occasional Apple TV compatibility update there aren't any massive compelling reasons to consider purchasing one of the magical black boxes purely for gaming purposes. However, things are looking up for the Apple TV, with news of the ability to require the use of game controllers as outlined at WWDC and also upcoming games such as Dungeon Tiles, which has even managed to win mobile marketing company AppLovin's $25,000 'Apple TV App Challenge' prize and launches on Apple TV and iOS for free on the June 29th.
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