Zamen | زامن
'Party Portals' Brawl is Back in 'Hearthstone' This Week
Hearthstone [Free] is using a portal to go back in time this week - specifically back to August - and bring the Party Portals Tavern Brawl back. This Brawl came out in the middle of One Night in Karazhan adventure and brought along some of the adventure's festive flavor. Party Portals fills up your deck with various portals that let you deal damage and summon a minion, heal and summon a minion, gain armor and summon a minion, buff a minion and summon another minion, add a random minion to your hand but reduce its cost, and summon a random Partygoer (you can check out all the Portals here). As you can tell, there's a lot of minion summoning in this one. I still love the fairytale theme of Karazhan, so I enjoy seeing cards like Red Riding Hood and Romulo hit the board.
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