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How to transfer ripped videos to your iPhone or iPad from your Mac
Want to watch your ripped movies on your iPhone or iPad? Here's what you need to know. I've moved across country three times in the last ten years, and discarded most of my physical DVD collection throughout those moves. I've kept only a few noteworthy films in their original disc format; the others I either repurchased through iTunes, or ripped them to my computer to play on my iPad. Normally, if you have media that you own and want to play on your iOS device, the pathway to doing so is pretty simple: Rip and encode into an iOS-playable format using a DVD drive and ripping software, then drag and drop the file into iTunes and sync with your Mac. Unfortunately, a few users on iOS 10.2 have noticed issues with certain files not playing if the video's metadata was tagged as "TV Show" or "Movie". Whether you're having trouble with iOS 10.2 or you just want to know the general steps for moving ripped videos onto your iPhone or iPad, here's the deal.
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