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Manic Two Button Arcade Shooter 'Spingun', From the Developer of 'David.', Is Out Now on the App Store
Back in August, we brought to you the news that the developer of the intriguing and bizarre Shadow of the Colossus meets Angry Birds arcade game David. [$1.99] was looking for beta testers for his newest App Store release Spingun [Free], which took the creative absurdity of their previous titles and turned it up to 11. While relatively simple in both controls and concept - you fly a ship and shoot things with an intuitive two button control method - Fermenter Games ensured that the sheer chaos of the levels and brutal difficulty curve will hopefully make it yet another engrossing arcade title that will be even harder to put down. Today, Spingun has finally launched on the App Store for free, with one in-app purchase for some new game modes and to remove ads, all of which can be unlocked by paying between $0.99 and $2.99 based on what you think the game is worth, which is a great spin (aha) on the typical premium game formula.
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