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'Knight Slinger' Review - A Pretty Spin on 'Monster Strike'
If you had told me five years ago that slingshot RPGs were going to become a thing, I'd have been happy to hear of a future where Squids [$1.99] was so influential. Of course, Squids isn't what really kicked off this craze. No, the current wave of flick-and-flail casual RPGs that are cropping up can be laid at the feet of Monster Strike [Free]. It's only natural a hit of that magnitude would inspire similar games, but it's impressive just how sophisticated some of them are becoming. Gamevil's entry into the proverbial arena is Knight Slinger [Free], and it might just have the best production values of any game like this yet. In terms of gameplay mechanics, it doesn't mix things up too much, but there are some new things here that veterans of Monster Strike might like to play around with.An opening cut-scene sets the stage for the story. It's your typical forces of light versus forces of darkness bit, but the use of polygonal models and full voice acting give it a little more oomph than the usual social RPG fare. Honestly, I kind of zoned out on it, and the terrible voice acting certainly didn't help. At any rate, once it's over with, you'll have your customary additional content download, then go through a tutorial that runs on a bit longer than it should. Missions are used as a breadcrumb trail to guide you through all of the various systems the game has to offer, though there isn't much here you won't already be familiar with if you've played any other social RPGs.
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