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Apple Music vs the competition: How today's music streaming services compare
Earlier today, Pandora officially took the wraps off of its new Pandora Premium streaming service. The service is Pandora's attempt at competing with the established players such as Apple Music and Spotify. With Pandora Premium unveiled, we've decided to take a step back and compare the major streaming music services. Read on for all of the details… Spotify is believed to be the most popular music streaming service at this point in time, having over 50 million paying subscribers. Apple Music, on the other hand, has “well past” 20 million paying users, according to Eddy Cue. Because there are a variety of different factors to consider when looking at which streaming music service deserves your money, we've created the below comparison chart for making it a bit easier to digest everything. One thing to note about this chart, however, is that it's relatively one-dimensional. There are a variety of things to consider when subscribing to a music streaming service. For instance, you'll want to take into account where and how most of your music is currently stored, what type of smartphone you use, and much more. We should start by saying that there are still some unknowns about Pandora Premium at this point. We don't know how long of a free trial new users will get, we don't know the quality at which music will be streamed and downloaded, and we don't know details about a family plan. Additionally, we've left some services out of this chart, such as SoundCloud's paid platform, which I believe is more of a complement to these streaming service because of its niche focus on things like DJ sets.
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