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AKG N60NC headphones review: converting the non-believers
Costing five cents shy of $250, the N60NCs are not cheap. They're also not wireless, which can be counted as a growing shortcoming in a world of iPhones without headphone jacks. I don't wish to shrug off either consideration, but I'm confident that these headphones couldn't be as good as they are without accepting those downsides. Their headband is clad in real leather and their aluminum frame supports memory foam pads that are just ridiculously plush. Because it's not budget-constrained, and because it doesn't need a big battery for wireless operation, the N60's construction is solid yet very light, weighing in at 150g (5.3oz).The noise canceling of the N60s does still require charging, though, and that's done via a proprietary (ick!) USB cable that plugs directly into the 3.5mm port on the left ear cup. One full charge will get you through a claimed 30 hours of NC playback, which in my experience equates to longer than I'll ever go without recharging them just to be safe. Consider it a battery life of weeks when used in conventional intermittent bursts, such as on your daily commute.
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