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Pinball/Brick Breaker Mashup 'Super Hyper Ball 2' Releasing Next Thursday, New Trailer Released
During the summer of 2015, Neonchimp released Super Hyper Ball [Free], which aimed to take the best parts of brick-breaking and meld them together with the best parts of pinball in one glorious mashup. It partly succeeded, but as we noted in our review, the entire game felt more like brick breaker with just a few sparse pinball elements like bumpers spread throughout. They didn't go far enough with the melding! So Neonchimp looked to take another stab at it with a sequel, which we first caught sight of way back in March of last year. Now, just over 9 months later and Super Hyper Ball 2 finally has a release date of January 12th along with a brand new trailer.
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