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Apple's second watchOS 4 developer beta release now available
Apple's second beta of watchOS 4 is rolling out to developers. The new operating system brings a number of changes across the platform including an app list navigation, and new text UIs throughout. We've gone in-depth with over 50 of the changes watchOS 4 brings watchOS 4 is Apple's latest upcoming operating system for its wearable. While the changes may not be as drastic as iOS 11's, the new enhancements are welcome updates. Here are a few of the key differences in watchOS 4 we've covered thus far: What's new in watchOS 4? Hands-on with 50+ features and changes [Video]Health in iOS 11 & watchOS 4: Diabetes management, insulin delivery, CoreBluetooth, new Workout data & moreHow to switch between list view and honeycomb app grid on Apple Watch with watchOS 4You'll probably need to upgrade your iPhone 5 or 5c to update Apple Watch to watchOS 4As with any of these betas, we urge caution before installing, and with watchOS 4 in particular because there isn't a way to downgrade to watchOS 3 if something goes wrong. From the watchOS 4 beta 2 release notes:
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