Zamen | زامن
Google Daydream View is the coziest VR headset
When Google revealed its Cardboard virtual reality platform back in 2014, it launched an endless series of conversations in which I tried to explain why a $20 piece of cardboard wasn't the same as an Oculus Rift. The two might both get called "VR," I protested, but their technology and design created two fundamentally different ways to interact with virtual worlds.Two years later, Google has another VR platform. This one is called Daydream, and it's launching on the Pixel and Pixel XL phones, along with a $79 headset called Daydream View. More compatible phones and headsets are expected in the next several months, with the goal of turning Daydream into a standard Android VR platform. And already, I can hear the question: So it's Cardboard, but nicer?Not remotely.
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