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How to manage Privacy settings on iPhone and iPad
Privacy is a front-facing, top-of-line feature for Apple, and the settings on your iPhone and iPad reflect that. Update March, 2017: Added information about changes to diagnostic data options in iOS 10.3. Also added sections for opting out of targeted ads and viewing how Apple advertises to you. Your iPhone and iPad Privacy settings let you control which apps have permission to access various built-in features, like your location, contacts, calendars, photos, microphone, camera, health data, and more. You can choose to allow or deny any request for access to any service, and even change your mind and enable or disable them at any time. You can also choose whether or not to send diagnostic and usage data to Apple and whether or not your usage is tracked so that advertising can be tailored to what you view online. How to turn off location services on iPhone and iPadHow to manage app permissions on iPhone and iPadHow to manage Analytics on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10.3How to manage Diagnostics and Usage reports on iPhone and iPadHow to disable ad tracking on iPhone and iPadHow to opt out receiving targeted advertisementsHow to see how Apple advertises to you
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