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Infuriating Arcade Classic 'Impossible Road' Goes Free for the First Time
All the way back in 2013, Wonderful Lasers released the infuriatingly difficult yet ridiculously compulsive arcade title Impossible Road [Free], and even three years later it still holds up incredibly well, with its beautiful minimalistic design and inventive gameplay. In our initial review, we found the game really did live up to its name, however despite an open admission of its intentionally unfair difficulty curve, the immersive combination of all the different elements to Impossible Road made it bizarrely difficult to put down. If you missed out on Impossible Road first time around, or just feel particularly masochistic today, the game has gone on sale at a bargain price of absolutely nothing for the first time ever, so now is a great time to pick up an App Store classic, and promptly put it back down in blind fury.
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