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Upcoming 'The Walking Dead: March to War' Is a Story-Driven Multiplayer Game
The Walking Dead Season 7 is premiering October 23rd, so it's no surprise I've been hearing a lot about both the TV show and the comic book recently. Today, we heard about a new mobile game based on the hit franchise that is promising to offer a different experience than the previous The Walking Dead mobile games. The Walking Dead: March to War will be developed by Disruptor Beam (of Star Trek Timelines and Game of Thrones Ascent fame) and will be a story-driven multiplayer game where players must cooperate with others to fight against other players for control of scarce resources in the areas around post-apocalyptic Washington D.C.. Hell might be other people in the world of The Walking Dead, but the walkers will be around as well making a nuisance of themselves.
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