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Beyerdynamic's €999 audiophile earbuds face an uphill struggle
German headphone specialist Beyerdynamic is heading to CES with three new models to show this year, and the highlight among them is a €999 (roughly $1,050) pair of in-ear headphones called the Xelento remote. It features the same Tesla technology of Beyerdynamic's successful over-ear cans, just reduced down to a much more portable package. I don't doubt that, in true Beyerdynamic fashion, these new earbuds will probably sound outstanding, but I question how much of a market is left for them in the wake of some extremely affordable high-quality earphones launching in recent times — such as the OnePlus Bullets v2 — and in the face of the current trend toward favoring convenience over qualityStill, the Xelento pair is going to probably be one of the more high-end experiences of this upcoming CES, and I congratulate Beyerdynamic on its elegant turn of phrase: "Such progress can no longer be perceived with the naked eye but it can scarcely be hidden from the ear." Audio companies always have the smoothest marketing spiel.
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