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Super Mario Run requires a persistent internet connection to play, no offline mode due to piracy concerns
Super Mario Run is set to debut next week; the first Mario game for iPhone. In the game, Mario runs forward automatically and players use one finger to make him jump up onto new platform, avoid obstacles and collect coins. Both Apple and Nintendo is hyping its launch with demos at retail stores and a round of press interviews.However, one tidbit is putting a bit of a downer on the whole thing. It turns out that Super Mario Run will require a persistent internet connection to be playable, which significantly limits the appeal of a mobile game …In an interview with Mashable, producer Shigeru Miyamoto explains that Super Mario Run will require a constant connection to a network for the game to be played, as the company is worried about software privacy.The game is free to download but features a one-time $9.99 purchase to unlock all levels. iOS software piracy is possible on jailbroken devices with app stores dedicated to downloading cracked apps and games.From Mashable, Miyamoto says there is no ability to play offline to protect against software piracy:
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