Zamen | زامن
The best calendar app for iPhone
Calendar apps have a tough job. Everyone needs one, but everyone is looking for something different out of them. I want a concise look at the day ahead, but you might want a spaced-out view of your week, and someone else might want a super-dense look at their entire month. The best calendar apps do a good job presenting your schedule no matter how you want to view it. They make it easy to understand your day and to plan out the weeks and months ahead. There's no shortage of gorgeous, inventive, and capable calendar apps for the iPhone. But by and large, it's the apps that nail the basics that come off the best. We're disappointed to say that no app can match our old, dearly departed favorite — Sunrise — but there is one app that's such a classic, it's easy to overlook how good it's become. That's Google Calendar.
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