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Apple Pay adds support for new banks in China, Russia, & Australia
Apple today updated its list of supported Apple Pay banks to a new banks and credit unions in Mainland China, Russia, and Australia. The additions include nine new banks and credit unions in China, four in Russia, and over 30 in Australia.The newly added banks include: Russia:Bank “Otkritie”RocketbankRussian Standard Bank TochkaMainland China: Bank of Xi AnBaoshang Bank Co., Ltd.China Guangfa BankChina Merchants BankChina Zheshang Bank Co., Ltd.Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Ningbo Yinzhou Rural Cooperative Bank Co., Ltd.Qingdao Bank Co., Ltd.Zhejiang Rural Credit Union Co., Ltd.The Australian banks supporting Apple Pay were previously revealed in a report earlier this month after a partnership between Apple and payments group Cuscal was announced. Apple also added Orange Cash in France at that time. The 30+ banks supporting Apple Pay in the country include:Australia:Bank AustraliaBank of SydneyBeyond Bank AustraliaBig Sky Building Society Ltd.CAPE Credit Union Ltd.Central West Credit Union Ltd.Community Alliance Credit Union Ltd.Community First Credit Union Ltd.Credit Union SA Ltd.CUADefence BankEECU Ltd.First Option Credit UnionGoldfields Money Ltd.Goulburn Murray Credit UnionHoliday Coast Credit Union Ltd.Horizon Credit UnionIntech Credit Union Ltd.Laboratories Credit Union Ltd.MyState Bank Ltd.Northern Inland Credit UnionPeople's Choice Credit UnionPolice BankQT Mutual BankSelect Encompass Credit Union Ltd.South West Slopes Credit UnionSydney Credit Union Ltd.Teachers Mutual BankThe MacWarwick Credit Union Ltd.Woolworths Employees' Credit UnionApple earlier this week started allowing donations to nonprofit organizations through Apple Pay, and it also started sharing holiday discounts from retailers who promote usage of the newly launched Apple Pay on the web. That feature enables Apple Pay payments via websites in Safari, allowing users to authenticate payments with a nearby iPhone, Apple Watch, or the using the Touch ID sensor built-into the new MacBook Pro. The full list of supported Apple Pay banks for Asia-Pacific markets is here. Its full list of banks for Europe is here.
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