Zamen | زامن
iOS 10.3 will probably make your iPhone feel faster
Apple released iOS 10.3 yesterday with a new modern file system, but like any software update there are many undocumented changes. One particular change has been revealed through Apple engineer Renaud Lienhart‏, who works directly on the iOS operating system. “iOS 10.3 feels ‘snappier' because many animations were slightly tweaked & shortened, for the better,” says Lienhart on Twitter. Most of the obvious animations that Apple uses in iOS can be seen when you launch or exit an app or switch between them, but during my own testing I wasn't able to notice any significant differences between an iOS 10.2.1 device and an updated 10.3 one side-by-side. However, iOS does feel slightly more responsive during overall daily tasks on my iPhone 6S+.
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