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Review: Kanex GoPower Watch is an ideal travel charger that can refuel Apple Watch over a weekend
Kanex GoPower Watch is a handy portable battery pack that can charge your Apple Watch on-the-go without extra cables or adapters. That's because it features an MFi (Apple certified) Apple Watch magnetic charger on the battery pack, which makes it an all-in-one solution. It's rather pricey for a portable battery pack at $99, but it gets the job done if you want the most convenient way to power your Apple Watch over a weekend away from electricity.Part of the price is likely because it uses Apple's official magnetic charging adapter to connect to the Apple Watch. It's a round white puck that holds your Apple Watch magnetically on contact. MFi (Made for iPhone) means you can trust that it's certified by Apple and isn't risky to use, but it comes with licensing fees for manufacturers which in turn tends to increase the price.There isn't much competition in the MFi Apple Watch portable battery space yet either so it's still a premium product that solves a somewhat niche problem.Kanex GoPower Watch packs in a 4,000 mAh battery. For comparison, a similarly sized pack from Anker has a slightly larger 5200 mAh battery inside for half the retail price at $49.99 and goes for as low as $15.99.The difference is that Kanex combines the battery pack with the charging cable whereas other solutions require you to carry both the battery pack and the charging cable (which comes with Apple Watch but extras are sold separately).It's up to you whether or not that's worth the premium, but it's definitely more convenient to have one pocket- or bag-friendly unit over a battery and cable combination if given the option.
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