Zamen | زامن
Tip: save space on your iPhone by clearing Twitter's web and media storage
Are you a fan of Twitter for iPhone? If so, keep in mind that all those photos, videos and other media files you encounter while browsing the timeline get cached on your device for faster access in the future. Should you ever be greeted with that infamous “Not Enough Storage on iPhone” prompt, here's how you can clear Twitter for iOS's caches and see how much on-device storage space has been consumed by web data and media. As macOS gives you access to the underlying file system, you can easily decrease the “Other” storage on your Mac taken up by caches and temporary files (here's how). On the other hand, the “Other” storage on iOS is a challenge to manage because the operating system likes to manage storage on your behalf. Thankfully, certain third-party apps such as Twitter provide you with built-in features that let you manage storage, see how much cached storage an app is using and, crucially, clear these caches manually at any time.
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