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Gravity Bending Puzzle-Platformer 'Hoggy 2' From App Store Legends Raptisoft Gets a New Trailer and a November Release Date
Back in the early days of the App Store, developers Raptisoft had made a name for themselves in creating intriguing and innovative experiences for the platform, and helped to bring credence to the iPhone as a legitimate gaming device. Solomon's Keep [Free], for example, was one of the key dual stick Diablo-influenced titles that were so prominent in the teething years of touch screen gameplay, and managed to gather a cult following through substantial support in the form of subsequent updates that kept on improving the game for years afterwards. However, it was Hoggy [Free] that left the most profound expression on my suggestible thirteen year old mind. Despite taking a few thematic influences from the American version of Super Mario Bros 2., Hoggy used unique gravity-flipping controls that made it a truly memorable puzzle-platformer title, and one that is still playable to this day. A whole seven years later, Raptisoft have announced a sequel, titled Hoggy 2 to be released in November 2016, alongside a Steam Greenlight campaign to hopefully get the game onto PC and Mac screens around the same time.
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