Zamen | زامن
'Sorcery! Part 4: The Crown of Kings' Is Out Now
I know many of you have been anxiously waiting for Sorcery! Part 4 [$4.99] to drop, and it's finally here. Now you can play the fourth and final(?) installment of a series that has really raised the bar on the quality of interactive fiction on mobile. If you've played the first three parts of the series, your decisions will of course affect the story in Sorcery! 4 (by the way, the exclamation mark in the title was clearly an attempt to honor Barkley Shut Up and Jam!), but if you haven't, Sorcery! 4 should feel like a complete experience. Of course if you plan on playing this one, you really should pick up the other 3 because they are all fantastic.
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