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Morgan Stanley analyst says iPhone 8 ‘super cycle' will increase unit sales by 20% in fiscal 2018
Analysts have been relatively optimistic thus far when it comes to their expectations for Apple's new flagship iPhone this year. Analysts at Citi increased their target price for AAPL from $140 to $160 based on iPhone 8 rumors, while Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities expects Apple's new iPhone 8 to significantly impact the supply chain this year Now, Morgan Stanley's Kate Huberty is out with her thoughts on this year's iPhone “super cycle,” explaining that she doesn't think Wall Street realizes the full potential of iPhone 8… Speaking to CNBC today, Huberty explained that she doesn't believe this year's “super cycle” is being fully appreciated. While analysts have been bullish, she doesn't believe they've been bullish enough. Getting into specifics, Huberty explained that she predicts iPhone unit sales will rise by 20 percent in fiscal 2018, which is double what the rest of Wall Street is projecting at 10 percent. Huberty says that her “bull case” calls for 30 percent unit growth during fiscal 2018. The Morgan Stanley analyst also laid out some of her predictions for the iPhone 8, reiterating much of what we already know:
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