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'Nicki Minaj: The Empire' Lets You Record Your Rap, For Better or Worse
We've seen quite a few celebrity-based games in recent years, from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood to Katy Perry Pop and Britney Spears: American Dream, and all of them were nothing but the same mechanics dressed in each celebrity's brand. Nicki Minaj: The Empire [Free] has joined the party of celebrity games, but this time around there's a new addition to the formula and one appropriate for a game based on a singer; you can actually sing and record your voice. Now, whether that's a good thing, only your shower knows. The game comes with quite a few beats - some free and some cost in-game money - and you can use those beats to record your own rap. There's a Beatbook (think Facebook) that lets you store your own verses and hear other player's raps. And apparently Nicki Minaj will be giving shout-outs on the best raps of the month.
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