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Xbox Live Rewards gets MASSIVE revamp in Australia
Microsoft Australia announced earlier today in an email to Xbox Live Rewards members that the membership program is going to rebranded as Microsoft Rewards in the near future (no specific date has been given). Xbox Live Rewards gave users credits for making purchases on their Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles which would be deposited as money credit into their accounts when a certain threshold was reached. Microsoft Rewards will continue to reward gamers but will also reward users with points for performing Bing web searches and for simply using the Edge browser on their PC, mobile device, or gaming console. Here's the breakdown: Game, movie, app, & TV purchases made in either the Xbox Store or Windows Store = 20 points per AU$1.1 Bing search = 3 points.Edge details have not yet been released.Microsoft has released a detailed FAQ on the program change but basically it appears that all Xbox Live Reward credits will simply be converted to Microsoft Rewards points. Microsoft Rewards will have two levels, Level 1 and Level 2. Level 2 members will earn an extra 10 points for every single point earned per month and Level 2 members who also have an Xbox Live Gold subscription will earn 20 points per single point.
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