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Facebook now lets you poll your friends for local recommendations
Facebook is revamping portions of its mobile app and website to make it easier to get recommendations from friends and interact directly with businesses, without leaving the social network. The central changes can be found in the company's Pages and Events tools, which both help Facebook act as a social nexus for the site's users to stay in the know about what's going on in their community and what their friends are into. Starting today, Facebook will now let you poll your friends for recommendations on places to see, restaurants to try, and businesses that can be trusted. Those recommendations then get placed on a map, with links to those businesses individual pages and options to even purchase items direct from the companies themselves.The scenario Facebook is trying to fix is a simple one. "There's a concert in town from a band you love and you don't know about it," says Andrew Bozworth, Facebook's vice president of engineering for Ads and Pages. He's describing what he considers a central problem with modern smartphones, which know so much about our habits and our preferences and yet fail to take advantage of that knowledge in critical ways. "It's well within the capabilities of this device and what it knows about you," he adds. Ideally, Facebook would never let you miss a show from your favorite artist.
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