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HP's Sprocket might not be the best instant printer, but it's definitely the most fun
Today, I got hyped on a printer. HP's new pocket-sized Sprocket printer made me smile; it made me laugh; and it became my favorite distraction. Sure, my interest in it is already waning, but wow a real laugh. That's more excitement than most gadgets have inspired in me lately. The Sprocket is HP's answer to portable instant printers that print photos from your phone. These have existed for a while, and HP's printer doesn't create as high of quality prints as other products, like Fujifilm's competing printer. I love the Sprocket, though, because its companion iOS / Android app easily lets me create vaporwave photos. I tried to make my photos as ugly as possible while also keeping them acceptably nice and ironic. I am thrilled with the... Continue reading…
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