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Hands-on: ProCam 4's new iPhone 7 Plus-exclusive 3D photo feature [Video]
ProCam 4, an advanced photo and video app for iOS, has been updated to support the iPhone 7 Plus iSight Duo camera. Not only will users find basic support for switching between the wide angle and telephoto lenses, but you'll also find a new 3D Photos mode. This mode allows users to wield both cameras to take faux “3D” wigglegram photos and save them as GIF animations or videos.ProCam 4 8.0.2, released back on September 19th, introduced initial support for the iPhone 7 Plus. Yesterday's September 29th update, however, is what brought the new 3D Photos shooting mode to the fore.Here is the full changelog for yesterday's version 8.5 update:New 3D Photos shooting mode on iPhone 7 Plus.3D Photos mode takes advantage of the iPhone 7 Plus's dual lens camera system to produce amazing full resolution wiggle 3D photos (aka wigglegrams).RAW exposure bracketing (AEB) is now supported.The embedding of a full resolution JPEG in RAW image data can now be disabled under the Photo tab in the Set menu.GIF preview and sharing is now supported.
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