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Apple announces annual Japanese New Year online and in-store sale, starting January 2nd
Following in the tradition of previous years, Apple is preparing customers for it's annual sale in Japan starting January 2. In the past Apple used to hand out ‘lucky bags‘ to customers containing a multitude of different products, though that promotion appears to have ended back in 2015. This year's sale isn't quite clear as to what it entails.Roughly translated, Apple Japan's site reads “Apple's first sale is on January 2nd. It will be held online and at an Apple Store near you. Why not prepare yourself for a wonderful year?” Apple Japan's site lets customers know that the business hours on January 2nd will be different, and that they should confirm hours on their store's pageWhat is included in this year's sale isn't explained on the site, but it could follow in the Black Friday sales we saw across the world this year. Regardless, Apple is prominently displaying gift cards at the bottom of the Apple Japan site explaining “You can have the fun of choosing just what you like”. The sale could potentially entail discounts in other ways instead of just receiving a gift card.In 2015, with Apple's ‘lucky bags', customers waiting in line for the sale would receive one random bag at purchase. With various ‘levels' of Apple products inside, the bags included a range of Apple products and accessories.
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