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Apple Music gains support for SoundCloud-like unofficial remixes thanks to Dubset partnership
Apple originally struck a deal with music rights company Dubset back in March, but now the company is officially putting that deal to use. Today, Apple Music started supporting single-track remixes, something that SoundCloud has long used to differentiate itself from other services, TechCrunch reports. Additionally, Spotify is also now supporting single-track remixes.Essentially what this means is that user-uploaded content that isn't released by major labels can now be accessed via Apple Music. This includes a variety of different remixes that the artists themselves upload, while labels do not because of rights issues.What Dubset does is scan and match track parts to its Mixbank of snippets. Once the matching process is complete, Dubset distributes royalties to the respective artists. The first remix to hit Apple is DJ Jazzy Jeff's remix of Anderson .Paak. In that case, Anderson .Paak rights holders would receive a payment because that music is the basis of DJ Jazzy Jeff's remix.One thing that is not yet available via Apple Music, however, are multi-song mixsets that DJs share from their live gigs. Fear not, though, as Dubset is also able to distribute royalties for those formats and says that mixes are “coming next” to Apple Music and Spotify.
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