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Some early adopters of AirPods complain of battery drainage issues with charging case
An unknown portion of early AirPods adopters are faced with battery drain issues with the charging case, which was designed to extend AirPods' advertised five-hour run time to up to 24 hours while on the go.According to a thread on Reddit, one customer's charging case went from a full 100 percent charge to just fifty percent after leaving his AirPods in the case overnight. “The other two days I used about five hours and the case was already down to thirty percent,” one poster wrote.Another poster who spoke to Apple Support and received a replacement unit said “they had no answer how long the charge of the case should last when AirPods are not in use.” Any batteries, of course, lose charge over time but going from a full charge to empty in two days with AirPods inside the case is definitely some kind of an anomaly.That user confirmed that the replacement unit he received operates as advertised, no longer exhibiting excessive battery drainage issues. For what it's worth, our video editor Andrew O'Hara has noticed the same problem with his unit though many other AirPods owners reported not being affected by this problem.“I had the charging case charged up all the way Monday. When I got to the office today, they didn't turn on. Thought it was a pairing thing so I plugged them in and they were dead,” Andrew told me.The charging case was obviously designed to recharge AirPods within the case. With AirPods inside, the charging case also let users check power levels of both the earphones and the case itself when you flip the case open and hold it near an iPhone.It's possible that those people have a faulty charging case, in which case a quick trip to an Apple Store should resolve their woes because Apple's standard 1-year warranty guarantees a free replacement given any manufacturing defects.If you own AirPods and your charging case shows excessive battery drainage, we'd like to hear details so share your experience with the charging case in the comments below.Source: Reddit
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