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Palmer Luckey's Trump fund has been a kick in the teeth for VR
Last night, The Daily Beast reported that virtual reality pioneer Palmer Luckey had secretly funded a pro-Trump group called Nimble America, dedicated to promoting internet memes and "shitposting" in support of the candidate. While Luckey's general political alignment hadn't been a secret, the news potentially tied him to some of the uglier parts of Trump's online support base, including alt-right cheerleader Milo Yiannopoulos. Late on Friday, Luckey called the reports of his Trump support inaccurate, although he admitted to donating $10,000 to the group in question — and one of his key claims remains in doubt.In the time before this statement, a handful of developers openly announced that they're suspending work on Oculus headsets. Plenty of Twitter users have sworn off the platform, and Reddit's Oculus community is debating the piece in a 3,700-comment thread. But it's difficult to gauge what the long-term fallout will be, both for Oculus and the people who have invested months or years of work building for VR. Privately, developers I've spoken with have expressed a mix of frustration and disappointment, along with uncertainty over their relationship with a company whose name is nearly synonymous with virtual reality.
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