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Poll: What new Apple products are you planning to buy based on the Mac event rumors?
As we suspected, the long-awaited Mac updates now appear to be scheduled for October 27. We provided a roundup of what we're expecting to see, and now it's time to find out what you all plan to buy if the rumors are correct …The tl;dr version of the main new products expected is:New MacBook Pro models: lighter, thinner, all USB-C, OLED touch panel, Touch ID, Skylake processor, AMD Polaris GPU optionNew 5K display offering 5120 x 2880 resolution and built-in GPUMinor MacBook Air refresh, with USB-C but still non-Retina displaysMinor iMac refresh, with better GPU options and perhaps USB-C, but design and resolution unchangedRelease of the wireless AirPodsThe rumored plan to drop the 11-inch MacBook Air has been questioned, but we could still see price-cuts to the Air and/or 12-inch MacBook as the gap between the low-end machines and the MacBook Pro models increases.Personally, this launch will be the point at which I have to finally let go of my much-loved and heavily-upgraded 17-inch MacBook Pro and buy a maxed-out 15-inch model. I'll also be taking a very serious look at the 5K display if it materializes, though I'm also tempted to buy a much larger third-party display.What about you? Take our poll, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.Take Our PollConcept image: Martin Hajek
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