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Amy Schumer's head writer Jessi Klein was amazingly prescient about Google (in 2003)
Eighteen years after its initial launch, Google's influence over our everyday lives is so powerful that it's almost easy to forget what life was like pre-Google, or how we first stumbled upon it (more likely face-planted into it, like the Internet toddlers we were in the late 1990s/early 2000s).That's why Jessi Klein's story for The Moth is both charmingly nostalgic and amazingly prescient about Google — this thing, this "fucking insane search engine" that would eventually change almost every aspect of how we create and consume stuff online. Klein, for those who don't know, is now head writer and executive producer at Inside Amy Schumer; but in 2003, when Klein originally told her story on The Moth, she was an aspiring comic using a brutal break-up as material. The Moth recently resurfaced the episode, timed to the publication of Klein's new bookIn the first part of the story, Klein recounts how her boyfriend of six years asked her to move out and almost immediately began sleeping with one of her co-workers. Klein's self-loathing manifests itself in a quest to find out something, anything, about this woman that would help her feel better about herself.And that's when a friend recommends Google.
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