Zamen | زامن
Share Your iOS Notes to Make Them More Useful
In all likelihood, what you have in the Notes app on your iOS device are mostly notes to self, that is, notes that are meant to be seen and edited by you and you alone, perhaps because they contain information that other people shouldn't be privy to or simply because they're of no concern to others. But a few of them might benefit from being shared, so that others can also see and edit them, effectively collaborating with you on their modification. Fortunately, it is completely possible to share notes to this end. To be sure, we're not talking about the counterproductive back-and-forth process of sending a note to someone and waiting for it to be sent back to you with the other person's changes. We're talking about cloud-based sharing and collaboration, in which any and all changes are automatically synced across copies of the shared note. And this has been supported in the Notes app since iOS 10, not only for notes that simply contain text but also those that include checklists, sketches, and attachments This means that with shared notes, you can invite, say, members of your family to help you complete a grocery or wish list, your colleagues to further develop project ideas, or your friends to collect links and photos for your next event. Shared notes are viewed and edited just like any other note in the Notes app. Any changes made to them, by anyone with whom they are shared, are automatically reflected across all instances of the notes among the collaborators, who are duly made aware when edits have been made through an indicator in the notes list. The question now is: How do you go about sharing and collaborating on notes?
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