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13-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro gets just over 8 hours battery life in Apple's own iTunes movie playback test, test yours [Video]
I tested my MacBook Pro using a stringent version of Apple's own iTunes movie playback test that the company uses in its official battery tests. I found that under more stringent conditions, the 13-inch MacBook Pro will last a hair over 8 hours, but likely less in more realistic scenarios.Have a look at the test results in our hands-on video, along with a walkthrough on how to perform an accurate iTunes movie playback test on your MacBook Pro.On its MacBook Pro tech specs page, Apple notes battery life for wireless web, iTunes movie playback, and standby time. While wireless web can turn out to be more subjective based on the web content used (Apple doesn't disclose the sites it uses in the test), I think that the iTunes movie test is about as straightforward as one can get. It would be better if Apple named the specific media content used to be able to replicate the test more closely, but as long as you playback 1080p movie content continuously, the test should prove to be fairly accurate.I took time to ensure that I closely followed Apple's parameters for its iTunes movie playback test. Apple's guidelines are as follows:
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