Zamen | زامن
Comment: Six weeks after iPhone 7's release, let's take a look at life without the headphone jack
The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus first started arriving in the hands of customers just over a month ago, following months of rumors and speculation. The biggest change that comes with the iPhone 7 is of course the removal of the headphone jack.The move, which took quite a bit of “courage,” was met with mixed reactions at first, but now that we've had 6 weeks to digest the change, it feels appropriate to step back and look at how life without the headphone jack has been so far….Apple's motivation behind the removal of the headphone jack is muddled, with teardowns showing that perhaps the biggest factor was the ability to make the device water-resistant at long last. The overarching push, however, is towards wireless technology and major design changes come with iPhones in the pipeline.When the first rumors started circulating that Apple was considering removing the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, I had mixed reactions. On one hand, it made sense. The technology is archaic at this point and was likely hindering future advancements for Apple, such as water-resistance. On the other hand, the idea of either another adapter or having to charge wireless headphones was one that I dreaded.
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