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'Hearthstone' Nerfing Update Is Coming Today - You Can Disenchant Nerfed Cards Until Oct. 17th
Say goodbye to dear old Yogg-Saron, friends, for he is never going to be the same again. The Hearthstone [Free] update we've been waiting for should be hitting today (it's already live on PC, but it usually takes time to go through all the channels), and it should change the meta quite a bit (emphasis on should). If you haven't been following the news, this update will change a few important cards. Call of the Wild will cost 9 mana instead of 8, Execute and Rockbiter Weapon both go from 1 mana to 2, Tuskarr Totemic will only summon basic Totems, Abusive Sergeant has 1 attack instead of 2, Charge gives friendly minions Charge but those minions can't attack enemy heroes (and also it costs 1 instead of 3), and, the biggest change, Yogg-Saron will stop casting spells when it leaves the battlefield or is silenced.
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