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AutoLaunch can re-launch apps after they crash unexpectedly [jailbreak]
Apps, whether they're downloaded from the App Store or Cydia, can crash from time to time because of underlying bugs, and re-launching it will sometimes let you go about using the app without any issues.If you use a particular app that seems to crash here and there, then a new free jailbreak tweak called AutoLaunch could be your next best friend. It can automatically re-launch any app that crashes on your device so you don't have to re-launch it yourself.One of the apps I know this would work particularly good for is Facebook, because I find this app crashes randomly when performing certain activities throughout the app. On the other hand, it doesn't crash every time you use it, so having it automatically re-launch after a crash would be convenient because it helps you get back up and running again immediately.When the app re-launches, it will re-load all over again as if you had just tapped on it from your Home screen, which means you don't have to be bothered to re-launch it yourself and if you were doing anything specific inside the app when the crash occurred, you might have to try it all over again.Obviously, if you have an app that crashes repeatedly, over and over again when you try to open it, then you won't want to use this tweak for that specific app because it could land you in a launch/crash loop.Fortunately, AutoLaunch comes with a preferences pane where you can white-list only specific apps that you know might crash from time to time:
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