Zamen | زامن
Review: Pad & Quill Valet Luxury Bag for MacBook Pro
With Apple announcing new MacBook Pros last week, Pad & Quill's latest bag for MacBooks arriving at my office was perfect timing.The company makes three sizes of the bag, one that fits 11- to 13-inch MacBooks, one for 15-inch models, and one that offers a custom fit for Apple's smallest notebook, the 12-inch MacBook. The bags will fit Apple's new MacBook Pro models as well as older models of the same size. I reviewed the 15-inch version. The front closes with a strap made of the same full-grain leather as the rest of the bag that runs under another to keep the top flap closed and secure, both of which are attached to the bag with hand-pounded copper rivets. The idea is that it makes for quick access without any zippers or buttons, and it does.
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