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Speck's Presidio cases offer scratch and drop protection for your new MacBook Pro
Apart from the colorful array of iPhone case offerings Speck is known for, they're also fabled for their popular transparent MacBook Pro cases, which are built to prevent scuffing across your computer's metallic surface while you travel with it. Speck is now announcing a new breed of Presidio-based transparent cases for the all-new 2016 MacBook Pro at CES 2017, which for the first time, brings as much as four feet of drop protection to Apple's premium notebook computers thanks to the company's patented Impactium material. Speck's Presidio cases have been available for the iPhone for quite some time, and we went hands-on with the Grip series of the Presidio case lineup, but the transparent cases allow you to see through the case material to get a good view of the precision industrial engineering Apple is known for as it lurks inside the case. Like all Speck MacBook Pro cases in the past, they will be of a two-piece snap-on design. One half covers the keyboard side of the notebook, while the other half covers the display side of the notebook. When closed, the case provides 360º protection of the computer, which keeps it safe in your bag, or if it accidentally gets knocked off your desk somehow… (rowdy kids?)
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