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Video: Early owners report various GPU glitches in 2016 MacBook Pro models [Poll]
If there's anything more annoying than waiting impatiently for your new MacBook Pro to arrive, it's finding that it isn't working properly when you receive it. This is the experience being reported by a number of early recipients of the latest machines.9to5Mac‘s Jordan started noticing some ‘tearing' on his machine, where the desktop background starting showing through foreground windows across all apps. Others are reporting a variety of different issues, ranging from random red or black bars to unrecoverable crashes …It's too early as of yet to tell the scale of the issue, or whether there are any meaningful patterns to them. It could just be the usual tiny number of random hardware failures you're going to get in any large sampling of any tech product, though driver issues have been suggested as another possibility. Issues are being reported both with integrated and discrete GPUs on the 15-inch MacBook Pro.A couple of commonalities do seem to be showing up. Several users are reporting problems when using Adobe software like Premiere Pro – specifically Adobe Media Encoder.
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