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iPhone 7 Finishes Last in Flagship Smartphone Battery Life Test [Chart]
The new Apple iPhone 7 finished last in a battery life test of flagship smartphones by Which?. The U.K. consumer body does testing to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.Which? compared the iPhone 7's battery life when making calls and browsing the web to the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and LG G5.The iPhone 7 didn't fare too well.Whilst the iPhone 7's 712 minutes of call time (nearly 12 hours) may sound acceptable, the rival Samsung Galaxy S7 lasted twice as long – and it doesn't even have the longest lasting battery. The HTC 10 lasted an incredible 1,859 minutes (that's almost 31 hours).The iPhone 7 did better when it came to Internet browsing time at 615 minutes of battery life; however, it lasted 25 minutes less than the LG G5 and 175 minutes less than the HTC 10.Take a look at the chart below for more details...Read More [via Elias]
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