Zamen | زامن
How to create Memories based on specific photos
Not too many years ago, compiling a personal slideshow on your iOS powered device was still a pretty big undertaking. Thankfully, we have come a long way since then and owing to the combined power of iOS 10 and Siri intelligence now have a wealth of so called Memories at our fingertips, sometimes so many it's hard to keep up with. Despite the baked-in features to personalize these slideshows, there is still a degree of creativity you surrender to Apple's algorithms, most crucially in picture selection. If this happens to be your main beef with Memories too, maybe the time is now to give the able feature a chance to get (back) in your good books. Because counter to common perception, there is an easy way to manipulate the picture selection process and generate Memories as beautiful and personal as a hand-picked slideshow. Here's how to use the brainpower of Memories while remaining completely in charge of the photos starring in the slideshow. If we sideline the (sometimes subjective) issue of photo selection, Memories in and of itself are capable of some crafty stuff and personally had me crack an unexpected smile at my screen more than once before. It goes without saying that taking unsolicited photos out of the equation makes them even more powerful, and the good news is that this is entirely possible. As every so often though, Apple does not waste their time explaining the how, so here is the workaround in a nutshell:
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