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Blizzard Announced Nerfs, Trump, Reynad, Kibler, and Others Respond, and More 'Hearthstone' Weekly News in 'Touchstone' #67
What a week this one was. We've talked repeatedly the past few weeks that the Hearthstone [Free] community wasn't happy with the state of the game partly because of the high level of RNG and because of the rather monotonous meta that consisted of Shaman upon Shaman and a few Warriors on the side. Well, Blizzard was indeed listening because out of nowhere, we got information that in the next patch (6.1.3), the developers are bringing the nerf hammer out of the drawer and banging away. The nerfs, which I talk about in more detail below, are substantial and should hit some of the most popular decks while also trying to ensure a better game going forward. Whether they will succeed, we shall see.
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