Zamen | زامن
All the places a DJ might actually need to use the new Apple Touch Bar
The top two tiers of Apple's newest MacBook Pros have one hell of an eye-catching feature: a touchscreen that runs across the top of the entire keyboard. Known as “Touch Bar,” it changes dynamically depending on whatever application is being used at the time. (Example: type out a text in iMessage and Touch Bar will give you an interactive row of emoji to choose from!) Apple showed off a handful of Touch Bar demos on stage today, but the most curious came from Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddm. He used Touch Bar to control his company's Djay Pro app. As far as Apple event demos go, it fell a little flat. (You can watch it above.) Early impressions of the Touch Bar from our team on the ground in Cupertino are good. But exactly how useful Touch Bar will be for professionals is hard to discern, especially when they tend to already own accessories that enable the fine control. Professional DJs are a great example — there's an extremely deep market for DJ equipment, peripherals, and accessories.
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