Zamen | زامن
Windows 10 Foodie apps to help users keep those New Years resolutions
As Microsoft moves out of the wearables market, it is becoming even more incumbent on Windows 10 die-hard users to be increasingly vigilant with their diets and food tracking as the well of fitness-tracking related hardware resources continue to dry up. With that being said, there are still some fairly impressive dining apps that can help the staunchest of Windows 10 users keep those New Year's dietary resolutions. First up is OpenTable While not a direct dietary prerequisite, Open Table offers users a chance to scope and book healthy eating locations both locally and a bit out of everyday reach. Users get a chance to check reviews and menus while doing location comparisons all while within the app. Another convenient necessity is the ability to book potentially weeks in advance, which comes in handy when new trendy health options sprout up in the neighborhood.
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