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Amazon's Alexa now works on tablets, but the best new feature involves an Echo speaker
Last month Amazon said it would eventually allow its voice-controlled virtual assistant Alexa to work on mobile devices, provided those devices are tablets made by Amazon. "Eventually" means now.Starting this week, Amazon is rolling out a free over-the-air software update that will install Alexa on Amazon's $49 Fire tablet, the Fire HD eight-inch tablet, and the Fire HD 10-inch tablet.Unlike Amazon's Echo speakers, which you can shout at from across the room (or even another room) to call up Alexa, you have to long press on the Fire tablet's virtual home button to launch Alexa. From there, you can ask Alexa virtually anything you would ask it on the Echo speaker, and Amazon says that any of the 3,000+ "skills" that work with the Echo speakers will also work on the tablets.
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